Spanish Link - Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisors


Spanish Link is a registered and licensed mortgage broker run by Maria Fuensanta or as she is preferred to be called “Santi”. 

Santi has morthan 10 years experience and all the right contacts within the Spanish banking world, she will guide you through the process and show you the possibilities that are available to you.

Where others may fail she many times succeeds, but always with your interest only in mind. She has build up over the past 10 years an extensive network within the local and no so local banks and its branches, and so supplying anyone with the best choices available in the financial (mortgage) world.

 A Personal Touch is our Approach, Service our Motto

Mortgages are a very personal matter.

Therefore Santi will explain to you in a personal talk what it means for you and in case you continue with her services, she will guide and lead you through the complete process from application to signing at the notary and possibly far after that.


Santi is a member of the Spanish Association of Professional Investment and Finance Advisers - the A.I.F. Member Nr. 1074


Consumer Complaints

Spanish Link is inscribed in the register of arbitrage in Murcia 

Consumers that have a complaint about Spanish Link can sent a complaint sheet to the consumer organisation in Murcia.


A complaint sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the following link

Complaint sheet


Spanish Link - International Investment Advisors  

Spanish Link is also involved via Santi´s partner, Mr. Pieter Losecaat Vermeer, in advising and guidance in the field of international investments into Spain. Marketing and all over support for companies and individuals that want to start a business enterprise in Spain. His long time knowledge of business in general and his more than 10 years experience in Spain and Spanish matters is a great asset to anybody thinking about having an investment in this part of the world. He can guide them through the sometimes complicated world of regulations and typical mind set of the Spanish people. He will provide assistance by avoiding unnecessary mistakes and supply the clients with valuable information about the local markets.



History of Spanish Link and Santi in particular

Santi has an experience of many years in the financial service business in Spain.

She has worked for different Banks such as UCI (part of Banco Santander) and Halifax. Also she has been the driving partner of the former Spanish advisory company

In all these companies she was the principal mortgage advisor and general financial advice person. She has build up a large experience with the financial products available especially for EU inhabitants coming to Spain to buy a property. In fact her speciality are these non Spanish people. Santi speaks besides her Spanish mother tongue English fluently and a little Dutch. 

Santi won in the first year she worked with Banco Santander the award of best "rookie mortgage advisor" out of hundreds of candidates.