To use our services is very simple! Just click on the underneath link to download the application form for a mortgage, fill it in, sign it and sent it back by Email, fax or post. We will respond to you in return and this all against no fee!

Ofcourse you can first contact us on different ways if you feel more comfortable with that as many do. That is fine. We prefer the personal "face to face" talk, as you want to find out as well who and what we are. In a personal talk, either by telephone or in the flesh, we can explain your possibilities at a first glance. And you do not need to come to us, we come to you! (in Spain)

In the end we need, by law, the application form filled in and signed by you as otherwise we officially are not allowed to present your case to a bank. But you can always do that in a later stage

When we negotiate the mortgage for you we also arrange all the procedures for you including accompanying you to the notary. All services that are part of setting up the mortgage, like translating at notary, getting you a NIE (Tax registration number in Spain) and setting up a bank account, etc. will than be included in our one time mediation fee. This fee can vary according to the complicity of the case and the time and knowledge it requires.

We basically work at No cure - No pay for when we cannot find you a mortgage that you have requested. For all our services and products we will quote you upfront all the costs involved, as we do in any case always. For instance a service like getting your car number plates registration will always be charged. 

FPlease for all all conditions and disclaimer see the appropriate chapter.

To download the application form in Excel   CLICK HERE 

To download the application form in PDF    CLICK HERE