Spanish Link is a Spanish independent financial advisor with a lot of experience in mortgaging as well as with other financial products and financially related services. Based on the experience of its director, Spanish Link is concentrating on helping those people who look for a good mortgage in Spain with an emphasis on North European citizens.

Spanish Link does not only offer the best possible mortgage solution, but also guides a applicant through the difficult and in many cases unclear mortgage market. All the way to the signing of the mortgage deed at the notary and way beyond.
Spanish Link is independent from any suppling bank and in that way can work with the interest of the client in mind. To be independent, Spanish Link does not receive any payments from the bank that finally supplies the mortgage. Spanish Link works for, and charges to, the client directly, so it is cristal clear whose interests Spanish Link is serving.
This is furthermore a legal obligation when calling yourself an Independent Financial Advisor. All commissions and charges that, otherwise would be inside the opening fee of the bank, but would be intended for the payment of the mortgage broker are in case of Spanish Link abolished in order to get the best deal for the client. We upfront quote for every case the fee that is involved to the client, so no surprises at the notary. Clear and see-through, that how Spanish Link likes it. 
Also in the case of further services, Spanish Link is quoting upfront for every service its price so you can decide if its worth it. And no cure- no pay!
NIE numbers, changing your driving license to a Spanish one, residencias, setting up bank accounts, insurances and legal representation are just a small number of services that Spanish Link can cover for you.
Further more Spanish Link is offering via one of its partners international advise in investment matters in Spain. Guidance and support in any enterprise that means investing in Spain and the Spanish market. 
Spanish Link, your link to a sunny future in Spain. 

To get an idea of what Spanish Link can do for you, please mail us via "Contact Us" or phone one of the numbers on the left side of this page.

Spanish Link

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Ma. Fuensanta (Santi) Vidal